having problem with subdomain delegation help!

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 18 19:50:27 UTC 2004

Mr. David wrote:
> Simon Waters wrote:
>>Mr. David wrote:
>>>ops     86400           IN      NS      dns1.company2.com.
>>>dns1.company2.com.       86400   IN      A
>>You can't put "company2.com" A records in the zone "company.com", why
>>would anyone think of looking there for it?
> This is the glue record.  won't I need this?   Thanks.
Glue is only needed where the nameserver a zone is delegated to is in
the delegated domain.

If the dns server for ops.example.com were dns1.ops.example.com, you
would need glue, otherwise how would anything know where
dns1.ops.example.com was?

In general if your DNS server is in another zone (i.e.
dns1.company2.com), how servers find information about company2.com
answers is the problem of the admin of the company2.com zone.

In your case there is a complication because dns1.company2.com is a
private IP address, so you are presumably talking about a private
network, and it is very hard to suggest the best approach without a
better description of how this private DNS is arranged. You may need to
ensure that all your name servers see the private view of the zone
company2.com. It may be simpler to rename the DNS servers for
ops.compay.com to dns1.ops.company.com and use a glue record.

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