AD & DNS??

Chris Cox chris_cox at
Mon Jan 19 15:58:41 UTC 2004

Michael E. Hanson wrote:
> BTW, with the advent of AD, the Microsoft domain is NOT a NetBIOS =
> namespace (unless the admin chooses to make it so by bringing up a WINS =
> server), it is a TCP/IP namespace relying on DNS as its primary =
> name/address resolution service.

Well.. there's not a global collector and central source of resolution
(WINS), but obviously NetBIOS continues to work and all machines announce
themselves and respond to NetBIOS as usual.  Probably won't see this go
away for quite some time.  LANMAN authentication continues to operate
as well... though one would think it would also go away.

Both of these things are very good to have arounnd IMHO from a *ix
integration perpective.

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