AD & DNS??

Chris Cox chris_cox at
Mon Jan 19 18:15:27 UTC 2004

Michael E. Hanson wrote:
> NetBIOS works, but its not required unless you are running Win9x, Exchange, or some other app that requires it.  And yes, LanMan authentication operates, but its not recommended, even in a mixed  environment with *nix.  Win2003 support Kerberos, which is more secure and has been supported by *nix for years.  With the built-in support for Unix File and Print sharing, Win 2003 Server has finally joined the modern operating system.  Unless you have a requirement for Samba support don't let *nix drive you to keeping WINS and NetBIOS around.

The fact that LANMAN still operates is because it is REQUIRED still.
AFAIK, if you were able to disable this (and I don't think you can), there
are parts of 2003 even that will not operate correctly.

> Win2003, Win2K, and WinXP machines will only announce themselves to NetBIOS if you configure them to do so, by default they live in a TCP/IP world, not a NetBIOS world.

Obviously NOT TRUE by default.. but your point is taken.  You can
certainly turn NetBIOS off (regardless of the default).

And.. NetBIOS is on TCP/IP (has been for awhile).

Dynamic DNS is still fundamentally flawed in W2K3.  So IMHO, it's
still worthwhile to discuss *ix as the holder of key (working)
pieces of infrastructure.

A better statement might be... Windows machines prefer to live
in a Microsoft Proprietary Domain World (be that AD or not).
But even that is somewhat misleading... though Microsoft seems
to be trying to cut themselves off from the rest of the world
more and more every day.

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