off topic: Is there a QIP mailing list or user group?

Thomas C. Knoeller tck at
Wed Jan 21 23:18:05 UTC 2004

[Sorry about the off-topic/newbie question I am about to ask.]


Is there a (Lucent Vital) QIP mailing list or user group?

I have been managing a QIP installation for about 18 months now and am
starting to get to the point where my questions not easily answerable by the
Level 1 QIP support folks.  I come from Open Source background and have always
found that non-vendor run user support groups are very helpful.  And while the
ISC mailing lists are ok for slightly off-topic QIP questions, I don't feel it
is right to dsicuss specific QIP issues here.  

So if anyone can direct me to a QIP mailing list or user group, I would be
very grateful.  

If no such beast exists, would such a group be welcomed and/or useful to
others besides myself? 

If you respond directly to me, I will post a summary.


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