How to change "querylog" default to off

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Thu Jan 22 08:00:41 UTC 2004

Derek Caines <dtcaines at> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> maybe I'm missing something but I cant find anywhere in the
> documentation that shows how to set "Querylog" to no/off on startup.
> On startup I have to use rndc to accomplish this. (Yes it would be
> trivial to script but.... one would think there is a default way..
> RIGHT???? )

There is a "missing statement here" ( options "querylog [on | off ]" ) th=
should have been handy if it existed :-) =20

Current behaviour is to set qwuerylog to off unless you have defined=20
a logging statement that includes querylog. In that case querylog is=20
on at startup. ( the above is result of some experimentation and might no=
t be=20
the whole Truth )

> Thanks
> Derek

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