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Thu Jan 22 22:18:53 UTC 2004

In article <bujr75$163j$1 at>, ike lozada wrote:
> Tail –f /var/log/messages
  ^    ^
Unix is case-sensitive as you surely know, "Tail" != "tail". But I quote
you here anyway to point out a character set problem. Your hyphen is not
a hyphen ("-") for me. It's some 8-bit character which does not display
properly in my news reader.

> Loading configuration from ‘/etc/named.conf'
> /etc/named.conf:9: unknown option ‘zone'
> /etc/named.conf:13: unknown option ‘zone'

Here too I saw unknown 8-bit characters, this time at the beginning of
the word, "zone". So my suspicion is that your editor has put in some
non-printing or other undesirable characters. Try using a Unix editor
without any locale variables set in the shell, and recreate the file.

BTW if this is the problem you may have similar issues in parsing the
zone files.
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