slave records beginning with db-

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Jan 22 23:32:40 UTC 2004

Jeff Lasman wrote:

>I've noticed zonefile records beginning with "db-" among the zonefiles 
>in one of my slave servers.  Not that many of them, but over 20.
>I restarted a slave server today and noticed a new one was created.
>Exmaination shows that they're for what appear to be random domains, and 
>there is also a complete transferred file for that domain.
>The slave nameserver appears to work, but I can't help but be curious.
>I tried a lookup in google, but that didn't work because it ignores the 
>"-" and finds all occurrences of db, which is a lot.
>I tried a lookup of the list archives and didnt' find anything.
>Can someone explain?
They're just tempfiles. If you have stale ones, this implies that your 
nameserver died or crashed ungracefully at some point.

- Kevin

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