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Fri Jan 23 01:32:56 UTC 2004

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> So my suggestion: ...

Oh, whilst I'm on the subject of suggestions, this one is very minor as
well, even more so ... I find it annoying that named trashes my lovely
zone files. :) Particularly the reverse zones. (This is applicable to
dynamic DNS from DHCP.)

I understand why this is so and what is going on: the records are sorted
alphabetically even if they are numeric (a reverse zone.) But would it
be possible to have numeric records sorted numerically, as the -n option
to GNU sort does. It would aid in maintenance, since numeric records
tend to be part of numerically-ordered ranges.

In fact GNU sort helped me recover from a typo in my OTHERWISE lovely
zone files today. :) But I had to be quick, because we needed the server
up again ASAP.
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