BIND Server unable to resolve outside names

Barry Margolin barmar at
Fri Jan 23 19:17:47 UTC 2004

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> Hi there , I am having problem with my internal BIND DNS server . 
> I have setup, it can resolve local names , including other internal
> DNS servers
> But unable to resolve outside names . When did an nslookup , 
> Can anyone tell me what's happening , and why it can't resolve as per
> normal.
> My Internal BIND server is pointing to our ISP dns servers.and it goes
> through a Firewall.

My guess is that either your server or the server you're forwarding to 
has recursion disabled.  Make sure your server doesn't have "recursion 
no" in its options section; also, if you have an "allow-recursion" 
statement, make sure the client addresses are in its ACL.

If there's nothing disabling recursion on your server, maybe you're 
pointing to the wrong server at the ISP.  Many ISPs have separate 
authoritative and caching servers; if you're pointing to the servers  
that host their domain, they're authoritative.

It would be better if you posted the output of "dig" than "nslookup", as 
it shows whether the Recursion Available flag is set in the response.

Barry Margolin, barmar at
Arlington, MA

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