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Fri Jan 23 19:23:55 UTC 2004

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> Why not? The BIND 9 Configuration Reference implied that acl's could be
> used anywhere one might need a list of IP's or netblocks. There really
> wasn't much said about "masters" syntax, but I see on closer examination
> now that some options say "address_match_list", but masters does not.
> Why can't "masters" use an address_match_list?

Because you need to know specific addresses to connect to.  An address 
match list is like a wildcard, it specifies an address pattern.  What 
would it mean to use something like is a master -- there 
are 256 addresses in that range.

What you want is a named address list, which is not the same thing as an 
ACL.  This would be a nice new feature.  And since a plain address can 
be used wherever an address pattern, it would make sense for an address 
list name to be usable wherever an ACL is required, but *not* the other 
way around.

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Arlington, MA

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