Order of Responses to Queries from Outside a Network

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Sat Jan 24 22:46:40 UTC 2004

	Address sorting in bind works beautifully for queries inside
our network, but I have been asked to add a slight modification.

	Is there a way to tell BIND 9.2.2rc1 to always put a given A
record first in the list sent to queries from outside the network
while still maintaining the address sorting for queries from inside the

	In other words, we want not to break the address sorting
feature which works inside our network, but add a sort order for
everyone outside.

	The idea is to guide outsiders to a specific server that can
handle the load and list servers on campuses with less network
capacity last.

	Thank you.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
OSU Information Technology Division Network Operations Group

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