Order of Responses to Queries from Outside a Network

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Sun Jan 25 04:12:00 UTC 2004

Barry Margolin writes:
>I haven't tried it, but maybe you can put an rrset-order statement 
>within views.

	That is an excellent suggestion, but I read the following
statements in DNS and Bind, Fourth Edition:

            Round Robin Load Distribution (DNS and BIND, 4th Edition) (p5 of 9)
10.7.2. The rrset-order Substatement

   There are certain times when you'd rather the name server didn't use
   round robin. For example, maybe you'd like to designate one web server
   as a backup to another. To do this, the name server should always
   return the backup's address after the primary web server's address.
   But you can't do that with round robin; it'll just rotate the order of
   the addresses in successive responses.

   BIND 8.2 and later name servers -- but not BIND 9 name servers, as of
   9.1.0 -- allow you to turn off round robin for certain domain names
   and types of records.

	Unfortunately, that's us.

BIND 9.2.2rc1

	Unless that feature got put back, we may be in a bit of a jam.

Martin McCormick

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