Order of Responses to Queries from Outside a Network

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Sun Jan 25 09:17:55 UTC 2004

Martin McCormick <martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu> wrote:
> 	Address sorting in bind works beautifully for queries inside
> our network, but I have been asked to add a slight modification.

> 	Is there a way to tell BIND 9.2.2rc1 to always put a given A
> record first in the list sent to queries from outside the network
> while still maintaining the address sorting for queries from inside the
> network?

> 	In other words, we want not to break the address sorting
> feature which works inside our network, but add a sort order for
> everyone outside.

> 	The idea is to guide outsiders to a specific server that can
> handle the load and list servers on campuses with less network
> capacity last.

> 	Thank you.

It won't work.

Reason is that ousiders uses their nameserver for resources in your netwo=
And while you may have your nameserver sort your RR in any way you want,
there is no way you can decide how a foreign nameserver will sort=20
the RRsets it receives from your nameservers.

This is what SRV records are made for. Start implementing SRV support now=

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