BIND 8.4.4 is out today

Baby Peanut baby_p_nut2 at
Sun Jan 25 18:34:41 UTC 2004


Seems that ISC has released BIND 8.4.4 today.  I'm still not sure that
I should upgrade from 8.3.7.

Seems that ISC web site has been listing the 8.4.x branch as the one
to use if you are using a BIND 8 without any warnings at all against
it and the statement:

<< If you are running a version of BIND prior to this, we recommend
you upgrade for security reasons. >>

in favor of using it.

Based on numerous problems with 8.4.1 - 8.4.3 I think they should have
the courtesy to indicate on that web site that 8.4.x is experimental
code and not stable like 8.3.7 is.


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