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Hi All
First time on the list. I've read you guys/gals up here are the greatest
BIND minds around so I know you can help me out.

My company '' (not really :)) is an ISP/ASP in that we host
domains and web applications on our custom platform. We usually host the
entire domain and have a unique zone file for each domain and our DNS
server is the authoritative server for all requests for that domain.

Here's what I need help with. We need to host only a host not the entire
domain and not a subdomain for a new customer. '' has
it's domain registered and pointing to their DNS servers and they have 1
A record 'certify' pointing to our webserver

nslookup on and points to web servers nslookup on point to
our webservers.

Question: How do I alter the zone file below for so it
only answers for 'certify' and nothing else?

Here's a template of a 'standard' zone file for our setup.
$ORIGIN com.
newcompany      10800   IN      SOA (
                2001050201 3600 900 86400 10800 )
                10800   IN      NS              ;Cl=2
                10800   IN      NS              ;Cl=2
                10800   IN      MX      10
                10800   IN      A
mywebs          10800   IN      A            ;Cl=2
www             10800   IN      CNAME   mywebs
ftp             10800   IN      CNAME               ;Cl=2
secure          10800   IN      CNAME            ;Cl=2

BIND 8.2.3 Redhat 6.1


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