port number for selective forwarders

Martin Schor schor at genesiscom.ch
Wed Jan 28 13:49:59 UTC 2004


I am looking for a solution to do the following problem:

I have 2 DNS Servers:

One DNS is configured with a global forwarder to the internet and a
selective forwarder to some internal zones.
Then I a have another selective forwarder to my second DNS server. Easy so
far. But I would like to do the second forwarder on a different port than
53. I didn't find anything to configure this in the documentation. I know,
that I could do a specific port for the global forwarder, but that doesn't
really help.
I saw that I could specify ports for masters when defining a stub zone. Has
anybody ever used stub to build something like a selective forwarder

Any other suggestions?

Regards Martin

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