Sortlist and individual zones

Barry Margolin barmar at
Thu Jan 29 03:09:30 UTC 2004

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 Brian Miller <bmiller at> wrote:

> I know that views is a BIND 9 feature that will do as I want, but how
> will the authorative name server know the IP address of the client if 
> they have gone via an intermediate cache server? Is this passed in the 
> refered request from the caching server to the actual master? I had a 
> quick look at a few refered requests with Ethereal and didn't see the 
> clients IP address in the request.

It's not available at all.  Folks who want to do this kind of thing just 
assume that the caching server is close enough to the client that basing 
the decision on the server's address will be good enough.  In other 
words, since reliable information is not available, you have to make do 
with whatever you get.

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