Any DynamicDNS providers that support RINETD?

Mike mmills1969 at
Fri Jan 30 18:15:43 UTC 2004


I was wondering if anyone knows of any DynamicDNS providers (like that also provides support for "rinetd" (port redirector)?  My
ISP blocks incoming requests on port 80.  As I understand it, most (if not
all) dynamic dns providers currently use "URL redirection" - i.e., modify
the URL to add the non-standard port to the end.  The client browser then
connects to the web server on that particular port.  I have a couple of
concerns with this approach:  1) It doesn't look so nice having the
non-standard port stuck on the end of the URL, and 2) Some corporate
firewalls do not allow outbound traffic on ports other than 80 and 443 -
thus, clients behind such a firewall would not be able to connect to my web

If I understand it correctly, with "rinetd" the browser would connect to
port 80 on the dynamic dns service provider's hardware; rinetd would
transparently "proxy" the requests to my web server running on a
non-standard port.

Is my understanding above correct, and if so, any dynamic dns providers that
support rinetd (or equivalent sort of port forwarding)?



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