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> > Where are you getting this from?  When I look up, the 
> > name doesn't exist.  And resolves to a different address.
> hehe, Sorry but I am still in the process of testing my configuration
> before I put it out that's why it doesnt resolve correctly yet.
> Anyway, the setup is that there is a single server for dns,www and
> mail. now, what I'd like to happen is that when people ping
> "", the server would reply as "" as
> well as "",etc... however, what it currently does is
> that it replies as the "hostname" of the machine instead of
> ",,etc"

It just does a reverse lookup of the source address in the reply.  If 
you want a specific name to show up in ping's output, put that name in 
the PTR record.  If you want it to use the name that you originally 
specified as a parameter, you're out of luck -- that's not how Windows 
ping works.

Why does it even matter, anyway?

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