bind 9.2.3 assertion failure

Richard Gomes gomesrichard at
Sat Jan 31 07:56:49 UTC 2004

Hi Greg,
Have you checked the accuracy and integrity of the zone records in your DNS database?
Any of these issues can cause this problem.

More details about your environment are needed to help. First instinct though always is are you patched up completely. 


Reed Gregory <reed at> wrote:
On one of our nameservers named fails with the following message:

ns named[2473] adb.c:997: INSIST ((((entry) != ((void *)(0)) && 
((( const isc_magic_t *)(entry))->magic == ((('a') << 24 | ('d') <<16 | 
('b') << 8 | ('E')))))) failed
ns named exiting due to assertion failure

Anybody have any ideas on this? Should be downgrade to the latest bind8 or

Reed Gregory

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