Somewhat OT: Getting control of reverse for my /29

Marco Benton - BOFH marco at
Mon Nov 1 21:59:54 UTC 2004

E Wheeler wrote:
> Currently I have a /29 assigned to my business DSL account.
> Doing a whois shows:
> NetRange: -
> NetName:    USW-TRITON
> NetHandle:  NET-63-224-84-208-1
> Parent:     NET-63-224-0-0-1
> NetType:    Reassigned
> Comment:    Report abuse to abuse at
> RegDate:    2003-05-08
> Updated:    2003-05-08
> Can someone guide me on how to get delegation of reverse for my /29.

you're going to have to sell your soul to your ISP to configure a 
classless class-C delegation.  most smaller ISP's will refuse.

doco on how to setup is on ISC's website somewhere or shouldnt be too 
hard to google around for examples.


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