DNS Resolution Issue with Website?

Matt Ashburn matt.ashburn at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 21:00:42 UTC 2004

I am not seeing the problems you describe when I visit the site.  But,
hey, you won't even get this since you didn't provide a valid reply-to
address.  Good work.


On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 10:17:08 -0400, Absolutely
<absolutelynospam at here.now> wrote:
> Don't know if this is the place to post this, but we'll give it a shot.
> Got something happening that I can't quite figure out.  We are working with
> a company that has two domains.  The domains are www.checktech.us and
> www.checktechfinancial.com.
> www.checktech.us is registered with GoDaddy and is forwarded to
> www.checktechfinancial.com, which is registered with Network Solutions.
> A couple of weird things are happening.  First, when hovering over a link at
> www.checktechfinancial.com, rather than seeing the URL we are seeing the IP
> address of the web server.  Second, and probably caused by the same problem,
> there is a search function on www.checktechfinancial.com when is run through
> a third party search service.  The banners and such from
> www.checktechfinancial.com are supposed to show up on the search site, but
> don't unless the path to those images are change from a URL to the IP
> address of the web server hosting www.checktechfinancial.com.
> The other really weird thing is that the site seems to be using frames, even
> though there is absolutely nothing in the coding for frames.  If we move the
> entire site to a subfolder under our own site on our webserver, everything
> works correctly, even though we have to access it using
> www.ourdomain/checktechfinancial.com, with the exception of the search
> feature of course.
> I think something is wacked out in DNS, although I may be wrong.  If it is
> DNS, where could the problem be?

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