Wildcards or KeyWords???

Steven williamss at adelphia.net
Wed Nov 3 00:02:47 UTC 2004

Ok all so I have been digging the group for hours now and researching
my bind books with no luck so I come to you all for some questions or
advise on the matter at hand. Ok so I have been approached by one of
the many directors at work to see about building our DNS infastruture
to have the ability to take data from a browser and redirect it to a
given portion of our website, i.e. "KeyWords". Now I have used
wildcards in the past, but this one is beyond me due to the fact that
their will be no domain attached to the incomming query. I know if I
force a proxy to the browser this could in fact be done, but I would
like to see if I could do this on the DNS side of the house. Like I
said I have searched and searched on the matter with no results, this
could be due to the nature of the search performed so if I have missed
something simple please forgive me. If any of you have some good
insight into this matter please please share.


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