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Wed Nov 3 04:30:42 UTC 2004

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 Jeff Stevens <jstevens at> wrote:

> I have a customer complaining this zone transfer always fails with an "up to
> date" error, and I think they are under the impression they can actually
> share such special zones with slaves.  I've been trying to find a
> description of a restriction for "localhost" zones...anyone know the
> official answer to this?  The 192 isn't I don't know what 
> they're really doing with this zone....

There's nothing special about the localhost zone.  The only domains that 
BIND has any built-in knowledge about are the root domain and the 
version.bind domain.

I'm not sure why you would bother slaving this zone, though, since it 
never changes.  Just make all your servers masters for it, and copy the 
zone file to them.

> The customer has it configured this way:
> master named.conf:
> ------------------
> zone		 "localhost" {
> 		 type master;
> 		 file "LOCALHOST.DB";
> 		 forward first;
> 		 check-names ignore;
> 		 dialup no;
> 		 notify yes;
> };
> slave named.conf:
> -----------------
> zone	"localhost" {
> 	type slave;
> 	file "LOCALHOST.DB";
> 	masters {
> 	};
> 	forward first;
> 	check-names ignore;
> 	dialup no;
> 	max-transfer-time-in 60;
> 	notify yes;
> };

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