simple local caching DNS

Clarence Brown clabrown at
Wed Nov 3 14:39:56 UTC 2004


I'm setting up a local caching DNS server on a Windows network 
using the example files from 
They are similar to, but a bit more complex than the caching example 
in the bind documentation. I have setup other DNS servers that actually 
serve multiple domains, but this is my first one that is CACHING ONLY. 

It IS working. I can enter it as the ONLY DNS server in the network 
properties of the Windows workstations, and they can still resolve 
names using nslookup and web surfing, but the problem is when I 
add secondary name servers, and test with nslookup. 

In this case, with my new local caching DNS as primary and the ISP's 
DNS as secondary (in case mine goes down) when I try to verify 
using nslookup at the windows workstations, they come back with 
and error that they can't find the name of my local DNS then proceed 
to use the secondary DNS from the ISP. Here is the nslookup output:

*** Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain
Default Server:


So it looks like the resolver function on the windows workstation is NOT 
using the primary DNS because it can't find a name for it. But I'm not 
sure about adding the its name to a zone file, because the company's 
domain and name servers are hosted offsite, and I don't think I want to 
put the internal address of a name server on out there. 

Should I just make a reverse zone for that machine?

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