Email Issues.

Shawn Jewett shawn at
Wed Nov 3 18:20:42 UTC 2004

Hello I am using Bind 4.9.5 I know I know I know. I am in the process of
updating these servers. I would however like to fix a problem before I
upgrade. I know I mentioned Email Issues in my Subject, but I really don't
think it is my mail servers. Basically I am having trouble sending to
certain areas of the country. I am not on RBL DSBL or any list for that
	I really think that something has changed and I can't put my finger
on it. My Primary DNS server is and my
secondary is I run two zones 209.38.128.xx
(255) and 206.83.107.xx (255) My mail servers are and These DNS servers have been working perfectly and now all of
a sudden they aren't. I am not sure of what tests I can run to show
validity. I have gone to and it has given me some warn, but
fails. So I am really confused. 

Thank You,
Shawn Jewett
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