Wildcards or KeyWords???

Kerry Thompson kerry at security.geek.nz
Thu Nov 4 00:40:15 UTC 2004

Kevin Darcy said:
> I don't really understand your question. You want to "take data from a
> browser and redirect it to a given portion of our website". How is the
> browser generating that data? By submitting form data to a CGI script or
> something like that? But you also say "their [sic] will be no domain
> attached to the incomming [sic] query". If it's a form submit, then
> there's some sort of URL to which the form data is being submitted, and
> presumably there is a DNS name in that URL. More generally, in order for
> the browser to get to the webserver, it's either got to, ultimately, use
> a DNS name or an IP address literal, and I assume you're not talking
> about the latter.

It sounds like the function where you enter keywords in the location field
on some browsers, they get URL-wrapped and sent to a search engine and the
user either gets the search results page or directed to the site at the
top of the search.

This is a function of the browser program, and has nothing to do with DNS.
You might be able to do it with a proxy, redirecting the search request to
your own local search engine in a Squid redirector, but that would be
totally off-topic for this list.


Kerry Thompson
IT Security Consultant

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