Host domain.dom not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Nov 4 00:48:07 UTC 2004

> >> Please, help me with this problem.
> BM> Tell us the real domain and server involved and maybe we'll have a
> BM> prayer of being able to figure it out.
> host -t mx

	A nameserver MUST NOT refer to a CNAME.  This is *not* supported
	by the DNS protocol.  Additional section processing does *not* follow
	CNAMES.  Things break when you do this as you have discovered.

	"              21600   IN      CNAME"

		should be

	"              21600   IN      A"

> Now it's working ok. I've restarted bind.
> But i'm sure that after some period of time
> this problem will appear again.
> And i'm also sure that when i restart just only bind -
> problem disappears.
> May be when this problem will appear again i will let you know.
> Or may be you can give me some advice, for examle - to turn on some
> another logging level (now i have "severity info") or something else.
> I think it's a promlem of the named core or problem of the OS (FreeBSD
> 5.2.1). But IMHO  - it's a bind problem. I have plenty of memory and
> disk space. All other daemons work without problems.
> Best regards, and thank you for help.
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