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> > Well, I guess I'm a little unsure of having a reverse zone without 
> > a forward zone.... What are the ramifications of that? 
> Well, here is MY reverse...
> metis% cat db.127.0.0
> @ IN  SOA metis.Cadence.COM. root.metis.Cadence.COM. ( 2002120212 1H 15M 1W 
> 1H )
>   IN  NS
>       	IN  PTR   localhost.

That's not relevant to the OP's problem, since nslookup is trying to 
resolve the nameserver's address, which is, not  
He'll need to add to his nameserver's configuration.

I believe that nslookup only does a reverse lookup, it doesn't try to 
verify the name with a forward lookup.  So it should be safe to make 
your internal server authoritative for  This is, in 
fact, generally a good idea, because other applications that try to do 
reverse lookups of private IPs will not cause your server to recurse, 
which should speed these applications up.

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