Email Issues.

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Nov 4 01:40:53 UTC 2004

You seem to be making a big assumption that your problems sending mail 
to "certain areas of the country" are caused by something wrong in the 
DNS that you publish to the world. Doesn't it seem more likely that you 
can't send to these domain because *their* DNS is screwed up or 
otherwise unresolvable? Could you give an example of a domain you're 
having trouble with? What makes you think that the trouble clusters 
around "certain areas", as opposed to just being random?

Of course, you haven't really given any details on how this sending 
"trouble" manifests itself in terms of bounce messages, log messages, 
etc., so all of this is just speculation on our parts at this stage.

- Kevin

Shawn Jewett wrote:

>Hello I am using Bind 4.9.5 I know I know I know. I am in the process of
>updating these servers. I would however like to fix a problem before I
>upgrade. I know I mentioned Email Issues in my Subject, but I really don't
>think it is my mail servers. Basically I am having trouble sending to
>certain areas of the country. I am not on RBL DSBL or any list for that
>	I really think that something has changed and I can't put my finger
>on it. My Primary DNS server is and my
>secondary is I run two zones 209.38.128.xx
>(255) and 206.83.107.xx (255) My mail servers are and
> These DNS servers have been working perfectly and now all of
>a sudden they aren't. I am not sure of what tests I can run to show
>validity. I have gone to and it has given me some warn, but
>fails. So I am really confused. 
>Thank You,
>Shawn Jewett
>Tech Support
>Microsolutions Tech Inc.
>Direct - 303-873-6986
>Toll Free - 800-536-3309
>tech at
>shawn at

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