AW: Re[2]: Host domain.dom not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

Maxim Polyakov max at
Thu Nov 4 14:25:44 UTC 2004

>> host -t mx

WB> I am sitting behind a firewall, so I cannot do this,
WB> but when I fire up a local nameserver using my company's forwarders,
WB> I get the following:

C:\>>host -t mx localhost
WB> Using domain server:
WB> Name: localhost
WB> Address:
WB> Aliases:

WB> mail is handled by 10

Now it's working ok. I've restarted bind.
But i'm sure that after some period of time
this problem will appear again.
And i'm also sure that when i restart just only bind -
problem disappears.

May be when this problem will appear again i will let you know.
Or may be you can give me some advice, for examle - to turn on some
another logging level (now i have "severity info") or something else.
I think it's a promlem of the named core or problem of the OS (FreeBSD
5.2.1). But IMHO  - it's a bind problem. I have plenty of memory and
disk space. All other daemons work without problems.

Best regards, and thank you for help.

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