Wildcards or KeyWords???

Stephen Williams sunadmn at adelphia.net
Thu Nov 4 03:32:14 UTC 2004

Ok so yes I am basically wanting to do a redirect of HTTP traffic. This 
exactly what I want to do at this site http://www.paxfire.com if anyone 
has any ideas on how to emulate what is done with this appliance via DNS 
please please share as I am out of ideas.


Barry Margolin wrote:
> In article <cmbucb$hj5$1 at sf1.isc.org>,
>  "Kerry Thompson" <kerry at security.geek.nz> wrote:
>>It sounds like the function where you enter keywords in the location field
>>on some browsers, they get URL-wrapped and sent to a search engine and the
>>user either gets the search results page or directed to the site at the
>>top of the search.
>>This is a function of the browser program, and has nothing to do with DNS.
> It *could* be done by DNS.  Similar to the way that NSI set up a *.COM 
> wildcard so that any nonexistent domains would be redirected to their 
> server.  You could create a DNS server that reacts to nonexistent 
> hostnames by returning the IP address of the search engine.  The search 
> engine can then look at the Host: header to find out the hostname that 
> was entered into the browser.
> The problem with this is that not all hostname lookups come from names 
> typed into browsers.  This design would cause problems when people 
> mistype hostnames in email addresses, for instance.

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