How to reach an internal web server via domain name

Kerry Thompson kerry at
Thu Nov 4 21:10:07 UTC 2004

Check that your client PCs are using as their DNS server, and
nothing else. Because clients will be using this server exclusively,
you'll need to configure a forwarder on the DNS server to forward internet
lookups to your internet DNS server ( ISP server or whatever ).

Rather than using a browser, you should be able to run this command:

to query the DNS server directly from the client and get a response with
the correct address.

Also check that you can run that nslookup on the DNS server itself, using
both its interface IP and loopback :


Peter Paul Jansen said:
> L.S.
> Here's my problem.
> I have a web server (Suse Linux 9) running in my LAN, ip
> We are connected through an adsl router to the internet.
> I have set the routing table so http requests from the outside for
> are redirected to
> My colleagues inside the lan are not so enthousiastic about the fact
> that they have to type in an IP number in stead of the url.
> I am running named.
> I have added to
> /var/lib/named/etc/named.conf
> the lines:
> zone "" in {
>       type master;
>       file "";
>       notify no;
> };
> In the directory:
> /var/lib/named
> I have added a text file called:
> containing the following text:
> $TTL 1W
>   IN SOA      www
>                      2004100101  ; serial
>                      1D          ; refresh
>                      2H          ; retry
>                      1W          ; expiry
>                      2D          ; minimum
>          IN NS       www
> www      IN A
> If I type in my browser (inside the LAN of course) I get
> switched to (or equivalent message, depending on the
> setting of the browser) that tells me there are no results found for
> Can anyone point me to the solution in this dilemma
> Peter Paul Jansen
> Triple EEE management Support BV
> Rijswijk, The Netherlands
> ppjansen at eee dot nl

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