Help with DDNS/DDHCP configuration required

Simon Hobson shobson0309 at
Mon Nov 8 15:05:15 UTC 2004

Alex Sharaz wrote:

>I'm just starting to look at configuring my  Bind 9.3 server to support
>DDNS updates.
>I *think* I've got things configured correctly, but somethings not quite
>right somewhere.
>What I want to do is use omapi on the DHCP server to create a host entry
>and have the dhcp server generate the appropriate forward and reverse
>entries. Suppose the questions are :-
>[for the dhcp list]  is if i use omapi to create a dhcp entry, if the
>config is right, will it attempt a DDNS update.

For hosts defined in dhcpd.conf, then ddns updates are not done for 
hosts with fixed addresses - I would expect that this would also be 
the case with hosts declared via omapi. In principal, there is a 
declaration (check the man pages) to make dhcpd do ddns updates for 
fixed-address clients, but it didn't seem to work for me.

If you are managing fixed address hosts then I would suggest a 
wrapper script that takes the key details and then calls omapi to do 
the dhcp updates, and nsupdate to do dns updates.

>[for the bind list] with my given log configuation, I either can't see the
>wood from the trees, there isn't an update request coming in, or the
>logging isn't set up correctly. Is there any special logging config I need
>to set up to see what's happening.

BIND will log updates with the default logging settings.



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