using acls in also-notify doesn't work -- alternative?

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Nov 10 00:21:13 UTC 2004

At 06:18 PM 11/4/2004, Phil Dibowitz wrote:
>So we have a little over 100 zones. Each of which has an identical
>"also-notify" line. This is because if you define an acl and put that in the
>also-nofity line it errors:
>   Nov 4 21:59:51 in.named[6652]: [ID 866145 daemon.error]
>   /etc/named.conf:267: expected IP address near 'notifies'
>Is there an alternative way to do this, rather than having to update 104 lines
>when we need to update that list? Not that that can't be script in your
>favorite editor, but still...

Can you back up and explain why you think you need also-notify?
If the nameserver is listed in a NS record in the zone it will always
be notified if the zone changes whether or not you have an  also-notify.
If they are not in the list of NS records why do you think you need to
transfer zones to them?


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