BIND only resolves hostname on the second attempt

Luigi Semenzato luigi at
Wed Nov 10 19:52:12 UTC 2004

I would like to add a comment from my own experience.

I had exactly the same problem: slow resolution of uncached domains,
about 4-5 seconds.  On the Mac, that's enough to time out some
resolver routines, such as those used by Safari, but I could see
the delays from Linux too.  I was running bind 9.2.4.  I upgraded
to 9.3.0 and made sure that named gets started with the -4 option.
The problem is now gone.

Had I not found this thread I would still be scratching my head.
This problem makes me wonder if my choice of bind9 for a small
home setup is overkill.

Thank you!

Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> wrote in message news:<cm6k42$1182$1 at>...
> > on 10/28/04 6:23 PM, Brian Kendig at brian at wrote:
> > 
> > > I upgraded to BIND 9.3.0 and set "edns-udp-size 512;" in the options
> > > section of my named.conf, but the same problem persists.
> > 
> > More than likely not the issuse, start named with the -4 option and you
> > should be all set.

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> > Scott Haneda                                Tel: 415.898.2602
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> 	Looking at
> 	anything which causes a retry (edns and firewall, ipv6 and
> 	no IPv6 connectivity) results in the observed behaviour.
> 	Clearly the resolver timeout is way too short as it doesn't
> 	allow for packet loss.
> 	Mark

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