master server advertersing to slaves

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Nov 11 17:44:18 UTC 2004

> Hi,
> In slave server we mention information about master server from where it has 
> to poll data. Whereas in master DNS server,when a zone file is edited ( seria
> l value incremented) & named is reloaded , the master server will notify slav
> es for incremental zone transfer. I wanted to know how master server will fin
> d the slave servers information because we don't specify any information abou
> t slave servers in master server configuration.
> Hoping some answer.
> Thanks,
> Phaniraj
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	Look in zone for zone NS records.
	Lookup up addresses of the nameservers found above.
	Send notify messages to those addresses.

	For slaves not in the NS list see also-notify.
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