bind 9 and special domain handle ..

Ronan Flood ronan at
Thu Nov 11 17:49:28 UTC 2004

Lars Nixdorf <lars.nixdorf at> wrote:

> maybe special domain handle ... i'm not an expert.
> server1 : -master for
>            -only internal domain server
>            -i know .. not use a official domain internal,
>            but thats the situation
> server2 : -master for
>            -has 2 forwarders for external doamins
>            -it is the domain server that could request to outside
> now server2 need an entry, that all requests for 
> are forwarded to server1. the rest handle like before. to make server2 
> slave for is no option.

Forward zone?  In named.conf on server2

 zone "" in {
  type forward;
  forwarders { server1; };

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