DDNS Failed

Norman Zhang norman.zhang at rd.arkonnetworks.com
Sat Nov 13 00:29:10 UTC 2004

>Thanks for your reply. The rndc key works fine. I think it has been
>discussed here before, but I can't recall why. I've just added _msdcs,
>_sites, _tcp, _udp zones to the already running named.conf. I tried
>converting them to, but still couldn't update.

I managed to solve this. The failure was due to CNAME. BIND's A record was
www, and I used ns as a CNAME of www. Nothing wrong with ISC's DHCP and
BIND's DDNS, but MS AD check couldn't resolve CNAME during installation.
So my workaround is to make ns as A record, and www CNAME ns. I will
revert that after installing AD. Thank you everyone for your help and

Best Regards,
Norman Zhang

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