Bind 9, Wildcard Records and Road Runner

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Sat Nov 13 09:51:46 UTC 2004

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <J.deBoynePollard at> wrote:
> PV> ...  the whole process takes less than one second, [...]
> PV> note that this is a BIND-specific solution, [...]

> AE> So even with a very large number of zones (hundreds of thousands,
> AE> if not millions) this process would still take less than a second?

> PV> regrettably, it will get slower as you get beyond 10000 to 20000
> PV> zones, and even getting that far will require segmentation of your
> PV> named.conf file into "include" files. you'd need DLZ, [...]

> ... or one of those non-BIND solutions that you studiously avoided
> mentioning, such as "djbdns", PowerDNS, MaraDNS, NSD, and so forth,
> which don't have the problems of having to parse tens of thousands of
> zone files.  (Anthony might be interested to learn that not all TLDs use
> BIND, by the way.  I know of one TLD that uses "djbdns", for example.)

> Don't believe the blurb on the DLZ website, by the way.  It paints a
> grossly distorted picture in order to make itself look good.  The
> non-BIND solutions are far from "basic", and support all of the resource
> records that BIND does.  And as I mentioned, they are in wide use in
> equivalent situations.  Always be suspicious of something or someone
> that chants the "BIND is the standard." mantra, as the DLZ blurb does.
> BIND, as the ISC's own web site clearly states, is a *reference
> implementation*.  That's not the same as a standard.


why don't you start marketing in your own forum, thus letting
us bind-conformant geeks rest in piece ?? 

I'm shure you will get less resistance somewhere else, i'm just 
starting to find it tiresome hearing wou spreading FUD ( don't
take this personally, i fully respect your rights to have an
opinion, even an opinion that differs from mine. But in a forum
dedicated to item X i find it distrurbing to find advocates 
that time after time advocates for item Y.  If i respect Your rights
of a differing opinion, please respect my rights to "feel at home"
with my fellow "mates")

I hope we might meet over a beer sometime, that would be a better
environment to discuss our diverting opinions. I'll pay the bill!

Peter Håkanson         
        IPSec  Sverige      ( At Gothenburg Riverside )
           Sorry about my e-mail address, but i'm trying to keep spam out,
	   remove "icke-reklam" if you feel for mailing me. Thanx.

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