AW: Does this " IN " make a difference

Walkenhorst, Benjamin Benjamin.Walkenhorst at
Mon Nov 15 08:56:44 UTC 2004


> zone "" IN {
> 		type master;
> 		file "myfoo.db";
> };
> zone ""  {
> 		type master;
> 		file "myfoo.db";
> };
> in  my old bind 8.2.3 zone file there are no "IN"'s but in 
> 9.2.2 there 
> are. i have referenced my dns & bind book and I see lower case "in". 
> ???
> Can someone clarify this for me?

"IN" or "in" describes what kind of zone (or view or whatever) you are
defining. IN is short for "inet", as opposed to the other types of zones
BIND is able to host (there's also CH for chaosnet and HS for hesiod).
These acronyms are case-insensitive, so "IN" and "in" is the same.

If no type for a zone or view is given, BIND defaults to "IN". Hence
you can leave it out safely, unless you actually use Chaosnet or Hesiod
(both seem to be rather rare these days).

Kind regards,

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