DDNS Failed

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard J.deBoynePollard at Tesco.NET
Sun Nov 14 04:42:16 UTC 2004

JR> This isn't a workaround. It's the way your zone should have been set
JR> up from the outset. The target of an NS record MUST be a hostname: [...]

... which isn't relevant to Norman's case, where "NS" resource record 
sets weren't involved at all (This being Dynamic DNS updates that we are 
talking about, remember.), and the client-side alias was in fact the 
target of the "MNAME" field of an "SOA" resource record.

I'm surprised that the Dynamic DNS Clients in the Microsoft DHCP Clients 
were capable of following the client-side alias whereas the Dynamic DNS 
Client in the Windows Server registration was not.  I would have 
expected them to share the same Dynamic DNS Update code.

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