Usage of BIND in TLDs

Bruce Campbell bruce.campbell at
Wed Nov 17 10:40:26 UTC 2004

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Jonathan de Boyne Pollard wrote:

> zone files.  (Anthony might be interested to learn that not all TLDs use
> BIND, by the way.  I know of one TLD that uses "djbdns", for example.)

( Anthony's TLD, 'mp', now uses PowerDNS )

Of the 258 TLDs at the moment, 245 of them use BIND for one or more of
their listed nameservers, leaving 13 that don't use BIND at all.

As of last night, here are the easily-detectable nameserver versions and
the count of TLDs in which they are used.  The popularity of BIND may be
of small interest to the bind-users list.

	Nameserver ID		TLDs	TLDs using, _in part_
	      -			  -	       -
	incognito DNS Commander	1	AQ (1/4)
	MaraDNS			1	TP (1/7)
	MyDNS			1	PRO (3/3)
	totd			1	VA (1/7)
	ATLAS			2	COM (13/13), NET (13/13)
	PowerDNS		2	MP (2/2), TK (1+/3)
	Windows			4	CR, FM, GM, JM
	TinyDNS (djbdns)	8	BF, CH, DK, GL, GOV, IM (2/2), LI, LV
	Bind 4			15
	UltraDNS		21
	NSD			23
	Bind 8			160
	Bind 9			223

( Note that a given nameserver may serve multiple TLDs, and a small number
  of nameservers were not able to be detected by Roy's tool. )


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