Why "dig foo" fails but "dig +trace foo" succeeds?

Norman P. B. Joseph joseph at ctc.com
Wed Nov 17 21:32:24 UTC 2004

Since this host is running RHEL supported with their up2date service I
was hoping to keep to their stock RPMs, and 9.2.4rc6 is what they
provide.  I'll notify them of the issue and look into building a custom
package with the 9.3.0 sources.  Thanks for your cogent and quick

> 	Next you want to eliminate a broken/misconfigured firewall
> 	from the problem space.  You should be able to get a answer
> 	to both of these queries.  If you don't you need to fix your
> 	firewall to handle EDNS queries.
> 		dig +bufsiz=4096 www.powweb.com @a.root-servers.net
> 		dig www.powweb.com @a.root-servers.net

Both queries failed, so we've opened up a call to the firewall vendor as well.

Thanks again,

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