Redundant data in zone file.

bob prohaska bp at
Wed Nov 17 04:55:57 UTC 2004

Bill Larson <wllarso at> wrote:

> So, you can, and should, have a mixture of fully qualified domain 
> information and partially qualified domain information in your zone 
> file when you are creating a common zone file for multiple domains.
> Bill Larson

There are some file syntax issues I'l have to tackle on my own, the
@ character has ramifications which are still somewhat obscure.

Thanks very much for both your public and private insights. It was
especially instructive to point out that while the forward delegation
comes from my domain registrar, the reverse delegation must be made
by my ISP. In my particular case, they happen to be the same, sbc/yahoo,
but there's no guarantee one hand talks to the other. I'll have to check.

Clearly my situation allows only one in-arpa zone, but the nomenclature 
suggests it's a /24, with address But, my nameservers 
only know about hosts 105-110, does mischief lie in wait for the 
unwary? Or, is it the ISP's job to keep reverse lookups to a finer level 
of detail, diverting a query about to a different nameserver?

For sake of clarity here's the host to ip map I'm dealing with:		router

At present only 105, 108, and 109 are functional. 

In fact the hosts are living on a 192.168.1. private LAN with the router
providing IP translation. I know this will complicate things and hope the
details can be deferred till later!

Thanks for a great deal of help!

bob prohaska

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