slow non-authoritative recursive lookups

btb btb at
Thu Nov 18 00:08:01 UTC 2004


that seems eerily familiar.  you are probably right.  unfortunately for 
me, it seems as though the -4/-6 options are new in 9.3.0.  i have been 
trying to rid my machine of ipv6 anyway.  perhaps if i can do this, 
bind will follow suit.

thanks again

On Nov 17, 2004, at 18.29, Bill Larson wrote:

> Sounds like Debian may be having the same issues as FreeBSD and MacOS 
> X.  The root servers are now sending out IPv6 answers as well as the 
> IPv4.  At least with FreeBSD and MacOS X, there is a problem with 
> responding to the IPv6 info.
> One "solution suggested has been to run "named" with the "-4" option.  
> You might want to try this out and see if it helps.
> Bill Larson
> On Nov 17, 2004, at 12:32 PM, btb wrote:
>> hello-
>> i have a nameserver that is performing a few different functions, and
>> is very slow whenever it has to do a recursive lookup for anything.
>> i'm running bind 9.2.4 (debian), and have an internal and external 
>> view
>> setup.  the internal view is acting as a resolver for local clients, 
>> as
>> well as being authoritative for a few zones, and the external view is
>> doing authoritative answers only for a few zones, and transferring
>> those zones from a master.
>> recursive lookups are taking on the order of 5000 msec, give or take,
>> until the record is in the cache.  however, if i add a forwarders
>> statement to options, and tell bind to use my isp's resolvers as
>> forwarders, things are nice and fast (300-400 msec consistently).  
>> i've
>> run through the logs in debug priority, and have even spent some time
>> w/ tcpdump, but i am having trouble interpreting the many lines of 
>> logs
>> that appear for a lookup.  the only thing that jumped out at me, was a
>> lot of chatter between bind and the tld nameservers - maybe too much.
>> but i'm quite green in this area, so it may be normal.
>> any insight on tracking down the cause is greatly appreciated!
>> thanks
>> -ben

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