Breaking apart large zone files.

Brian F. brian at
Thu Nov 18 14:11:57 UTC 2004

Kevin Darcy <kcd at> wrote in message news:<cne5q2$kbo$1 at>...
> >
> I can't imagine that breaking the zone into separate *files* like that 
> is going to help your reload time or performance impact, since named 
> still needs to read in all of the data in all of the files on a reload.
> Breaking the zone up into separate *subzones*, however, if the structure 
> of the zone permits it, should help matters, if your twice-a-day script 
> is smart enough to reload just the subzones that have changed, the 
> downside being that now all your slaves need zone definitions for all of 
> those subzones, and there'll be some additional serial-checking and 
> zone-transfer overhead incurred. Even if all of the subzones change 
> twice a day, you might be able to stagger the subzone reloads to 
> minimize the impact.
> It might be best to have your script make its changes incrementally via 
> Dynamic Update -- then you shouldn't need any forced reloads at all.
>                                              - Kevin

But are there any issues with a zone file like the above? Can you have
multiple includes for the same zone in a format like this?


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