slave dns server with multiple zone update from primary server

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Thu Nov 18 19:03:31 UTC 2004

DasRaaB <spam at> wrote:

> Hi List,

> i=B4ve one big problem on bind:

> i=B4ve one master dns server with one zone entry for each of our domains=20
> (about 300 domains)

> today i configured a slave dns server with entries like this in the=
>  named.conf

> zone "" {
> type slave;
> file "sz/";
> masters {; };
> allow-transfer {
> };
> };

> so now my question: do i have to make one zone entry for each domain i want=
> =20
> to update or is it possible
> to make ONE entry which updates ALL zones from the primary dns server?

> something like

> zone "*" {
> type slave;
> file "sz/all.zones";
> masters {; };
> allow-transfer {
> };
> };

> thanks in advance and excuse my bad english...

Nothing wrong with your english, mine is just as bad ...

First, you won't need "allow-transfer" {} in your slave, it's
the master that needs this ( with the ip of the slave). You might of couse 
have an allow-transfer{none;} to prevent others from axfr.

Secondly you must have a "slave" statement for every zone. But you might
create a (perl?) script that creates this part using your master-config, in
fact it would make life easier in the futire.

> regards benjamin

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        IPSec  Sverige      ( At Gothenburg Riverside )
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