disable SRV lookup

S a n d e e p sandeep at engr.eyeball.com
Fri Nov 19 02:12:42 UTC 2004

Well we developed some sip server based application which looks for SRV
records. however few motorola routers or some other machines cant work with
SRV lookup. so i have to setup dns which upon requesting  srv doesnt

so do i have to try older version or some configuration option available
where i can disable certain compile in options


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>  "S a n d e e p" <sandeep at engr.eyeball.com> wrote:
> > hi
> > How can configure/compile bind where it refuses to give SRV records.
> > Basically SRV functionality is disabled. should i try older versions ?
> >
> > thanks
> Why would you want to do that?  The DNS server shouldn't care what kinds
> of records are passing through it.
> You could go back to an ancient version that predates SRV records, but
> then you'll also have all the old bugs and security holes.
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