Bind 99% problem still occurs with 9.2.3 and 9.3.0

Michael Lang michi+bind-users at
Mon Nov 22 09:56:52 UTC 2004

Hi List,
i still can reproduce 99% CPU Usage for named process on a Intel(R)
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.26GHz, with 1 GB Ram, doing nothing else than

The Machine is setup for Resolving and Zoneholding, it has 2 views
configured. One for customers and one for internal resolving, with
limiting the max-cache value for the customer view to 200M and the
internal to 8M.

The Machine works fine after startup. Ive seen the problem reproduceable
after one week of production (it sure happens after one week).
on Monday 15 Nov 2004 i start the named process, with 4533 Zone
configured localy. It works find response times are as the should be.
on Monday 22 Nov 2004 i try to reproduce the problem as seen with 9.3.0
on the same machine without changing anything else except the Bind and
its librarys.
Therefore i do a cache cleanup with rndc flush.
The Machine starts using all the CPU, and dont get back to normal life.
I´ve attached two traces of the process and the MEMusage and the
named.stats. The kernel was already upgraded (for both version 9.3 and
9.2) to the latest Redhat Enterprise 3.0 2.4.21-20.EL. 

Does anyone know howto solve this ?
(my next debugging step is to do a flush every day)

Kind regards 
Michael Lang

Michael Lang <michi+bind-users at>

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